Frequently Asked Questions

My App

Typically, it takes about 5 to 7 business days on average.

We recommend keeping the title of your app as short as possible.  For example, if your clinic is named “Natural Health and Healing Center” then you might consider something like “Natural Health AHC”, or “NHA Healing Center”.  The more specific the app name, the better as names like “Healing Center” likely are already claimed.


Yes.  We are in the process of building and adding these and other supplement libraries so you don’t have to, but currently the best way to add them is manually one at a time using your admin area. 


Vimeo and YouTube are both currently the supported video formats for use with your app.

Yes!  Simply paste in the link from your video into the appropriate place in your admin area and you’re done!

Please only use videos you have created, or that you have permission from the content owner to use. SanoTrek takes no responsibility for any of the content you post. Please see our Legal Agreements section for more information.

Avoid using any wording (both written or spoken) that is promissory or that indicates you are trying to cure or treat anything.  Instead use wording such as “supports “ or “assists with” when describing what the supplement can do.  For more details and clarification on this click here.

HIPPA Compliance

All of our data is stored on HIPPA approved servers and is encrypted both at rest, as well as while in transit from our servers to your admin areas and the apps on your patient’s phones.  In addition, our legal team has fully reviewed every aspect of our applications and written the appropriate language to ensure we are 100% HIPPA compliant.  For more information, please read our legal terms and agreements.