Keeping Patients Engaged on Their Healing Journey

Offer Your Own Branded App To Your Patients

Developing mobile applications is very expensive and can take years to develop.  Sanotrek provides your Clinic with its very own custom app to keep your patients engaged, increase retention, and provide new opportunities to increase revenue! 

Prescribe home rehab exercises and supplement protocols digitally so your patients won’t lose or forget their program.

Save time by taking supplement orders through “in App” ordering instead of in person or by phone.

Improve “Doctor – Patient” communication and assign personalized protocols to patients through a fully encrypted “HIPPA compliant” encrypted Inbox.

Increase awareness through education about the supplements and exercises you prescribe using videos and content you can customize.

Show only pertinent videos that are relevant to your patient’s specific program or protocol.

Make it Easy

Improve Engagement

Engage your patients where they already are, on their mobile phones.  Create easy access to their personalized health plans and doctor communication to foster engagement.

Make it Clear

Build Understanding

Equip your patients with how you are helping them, what is working, and why it’s important … and their understanding and commitment to the program will improve significantly.

Make it Memorable

Foster Consistency

With increased engagement and understanding, patients are more consistent and stay connected to the journey long term.

Make it Convenient

Increase Sales

By providing reminders when supplements are running low and offering easy access to ordering, sales will increase.  Accountability combined with fewer gaps in supplement care means more revenue for your clinic!

Make it Worth the Journey

Enhance Retention

Watch retention exponentially grow as your patients become more consistent, engaged, and educated about their health journey.  It’s the ultimate “Win, Win” for you and your patients!

Provides easy to follow videos from individualized plans for any prescribed home rehab exercises.

Complete with doctors’ notes, and specific instructions, this view shows a detailed view of each exercise.

Individualized overview of the supplements in a patient’s protocol with easy access to learn more about how each supplement is helping them!

Detailed educational information fostering increased awareness about how each supplement is helping them!

A convenient week view for planning out your supplements or assist when loading your “pillbox” for the week.

Easily manage your stock so you don’t run out!

Keep track of surplus supplements or what fellow family members were taking to make sure you don’t over order supplements you may already have.

A convenient way for patients to request supplements anytime, anywhere.

New Features Coming Soon!

Max Living Web Store Integration

Integration with the Max Living Online Webstore for hands off ordering and increased passive revenue from online sales.


"Doctor - Patient" Inbox

HIPPA Compliant "Dr-and-Patient" communication for a unified point of care between your office and your patients!

Event Registration

Add the ability to collect event registrations and track who is attending your event.

Genesis & Sanotrek Integration

Genesis Integration

View, edit and interact with your patient records & communication history through integration with “Genesis”.

How it Works

We’ve created secure and encrypted web-based application that is programmed with HIPPA compliant practices to allow you to easily add in your patients and assign protocols to them.  It’s as simple as:

1: Adding your patients

2: Prescribe their exercises or supplement protocol(s)

3: Invite your patients to use the app

Do you have hundreds or thousands of patients? 

No problem.  Our team will assist with importing your database of clients from any popular table format including .CSV .XLS and .XLSX files.




300 $ 250 / m

Annual Subscription (Paid Yearly) *

Save $50 per month when you pay for a full year in advance.

* After initial set up fees with 1 year minimum commitment.



300 / m

Annual Subscription (Paid Monthly)*

* After initial set up fees with 1 year minimum commitment.